Cancer Survivor (with Dr. Sarah Boston)

Cancer.  It’s probably the scariest, most feared word in the English language.  It’s a word that none of us ever want to hear and yet, surprisingly, about 40-50% of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime.  That means that it’s a near guarantee that you or someone you are very close to will get cancer.  Today’s guest, Dr. Sarah Boston, is one of the leading veterinary cancer surgeons in the world.  A few years ago her professional and personal life merged when she found a lump on her neck that she had a bad feeling about.  Sarah then became her own advocate on the long journey to diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

App Developer (with Matt Bauer)

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”  For the majority of human history these words were a great motivator, but probably not very realistic.  There was a whole lot that just plain and simple could not be done.  Then, with the advent of computers, that statement seemed a bit more true.  Those with enough time and money could tackle all sorts of problems.  More recently, with the proliferation of the internet and smartphones, it would seem that statement is darn near fact.  Apple realized this fact back in 2010 and coined the phrase “There’s an app for that”.  Today there are tools online that can help just about anybody program an app to do just about anything.  Matt is one such anybody and in just a few short months he learned how to program apps that solved his problems.

Tarot (with Charlie Harrington)

What do you believe in?  Do you only believe in what you can see and touch?  Do people say that you’re the most gullible person in the world and you’ll believe anything?  Are you religious, or is science your only deity?  Where do you stand on the occult and mysterious?  In the past people that chose to balk at religion and consider themselves married to science and logic could sleep soundly only believing in the physical world that science explained.  Then came quantum physics, and with it a bunch of unnerving and miraculous observations without explanation.  Suddenly being ‘logical’ and ‘scientific’ didn’t look so different from being a believer.  Things in the world of mystery and science fiction were now sounding more possible and plausible in the world of actual science.  Of particular interest to me, and the focus of today’s episode, is tarot.  Ask a question, pick some cards, and they will help guide your future.  Sound like BS?  It also sounds an awful lot like the law of attraction mixed with some quantum mechanics helping to guide your life.

Urban Agrigulture (with Chelsea Turner & Anthony Krumeich)

Cities.  Suburbs.  Rural country.  These are three very different and distinct areas that we often categorize, subcategorize, and most importantly separate.  But what if aspects of each could move and fit into each other?  What if the most important and vital aspect of one could be moved into the others?  Farming and growing a sustainable, real people feeding amount of agriculture is often thought of as something that can only be done out in rural land.  However, people like today’s guests are using a little bit of technology and creativity to help bring agriculture to an urban setting, and from the sound of it things are going very well.

Cake Decorator (with Corrie Rasmussen)

There are not many foods that are irrevocably linked to days or events in our lives.  Turkey, for instance, for people in the U.S. on Thanksgiving.  There are fewer foods still that share their tie with events throughout the world, across cultures.  Go to a birthday party in Japan and you will find a birthday cake.  Go to a wedding in Switzerland and you will certainly enjoy some wedding cake.  When you really think about it, cake is in some pretty rarified air.  It makes since then that some people get really into the art and craft of making truly amazing cakes.  Today’s guest, Corrie Rasmussen, explains the hobby and career of cake decorating.

Iron Man (with Jesse Vondracek)

Do you like to exercise and consider yourself pretty fit?  Let’s take a little test.  Do you like swimming?  How about swimming for two hours straight, nonstop?  Do you like riding your bike?  How about riding your bike for 112 miles, roughly the distance from Los Angeles to San Diego?  Or maybe you’re more of a runner.  How about running a full length marathon?  I feel like I like fitness as much as the next guy, but I’m not lining up to do any of that stuff!  Now, think about doing all 3 of those things, swimming for 2 hours, biking for 112 miles, and running a marathon BACK to BACK to BACK, with no stopping in between.  Seems pretty inhuman.  Well, it’s what today’s guest, and thousands of other people in the world do.  Today we’ll learn all about the Iron Man triathlon and the crazy people that do them.

Home Brewing (with Emma Christensen)

Ahhhh beer, how I love thee.  Is there anything more refreshing than a Mexican beer with a lime on a hot day?  Is there anything more satisfying than a dunkelweizen in the fall?  Anything more perfect than a complex IPA or red ale?  The answer to all of these questions is of course, no.  Beer is such a wonderful beverage with so much depth to explore.  Most of us undertake this exploration by heading down to our local market or bar, getting something that sounds interesting, and then imbibing.  This exploration can be taken a step further however by inserting ourselves into the process earlier, and making the beer ourselves.  Today’s guest, Emma Christensen (author of Brew Better Beer and True Brews) gives us a lesson on home brewing and explains how making beer can deepen our appreciation for this wonderful beverage.

Glass Blowing (with Josh Simpson)

Most forms of art are meant to be admired from afar.  We look, we interpret.  We consider how beautiful it is or how it makes us feel.  However, there are entire schools of craftwork that open up art to a much greater definition.  Art for practical use.  Art that we can literally feel.  Art meant to not just be looked at, but to be touched, and more importantly, used.  Today’s guest, Josh Simpson, is one of the best in the world at one of the oldest crafts in existence, glass blowing.  Josh will teach us all about the basics of glassblowing and explain the difficulties of working with such a unique medium.

Watch Enthusiast (with Zach Weiss and Blake Malin)

Us men are a pretty basic breed.  Many of us don’t fuss too much over how we look.  We’re in and out of the shower, grab some (hopefully) clean clothes, take about one minute with our hair (if we have any), and that’s about it.  But as most women will tell you, it can be fun to dress up.  It can be fun to add something to your style that complements your outfit in some way.  For women, there is a whole range of things that accomplish this.  For men, we pretty much just got watches, and what a great thing to have.  They can be so many things to so many people.  Need a little something to pull together your outfit?  Watches got you covered.  Need a statement piece that lets people know how much money or how in debt you are?  Some watches cost as much as houses.  Need something to tell you what time it is without having to take your phone out of your pocket?  Watches.  It’s no wonder that so many men, and women, get really into watches.  Today we talk with the two founders of Worn and Wound, one of the most popular watch blogs on the internet, about all things watches.

Collegiate Research Assistant (with Flavio Pacheco)

Kids these days.  All they care about is themselves and their Snapchats.  Too busy staring at their cellphones to even acknowledge anyone else.  I mean, where will the world be headed with this next generation at the helm?  Am I right?!  Psych! (that’s what the kids say these days) This week’s episodes showcase how off base and misguided statements like that can be.  In todays episode I speak with college student, and much smarter than me human being, Flavio Pacheco.  Flavio is a true testament to where having your head on straight at a young age, in a country like America, can get you.  After being born in America, Flavio spent the rest of his childhood growing up in Brazil.  He moved back to America by himself at the ripe age of 17 and started attending junior college with scholarships he attained.  Flavio proceeded to learn how to fluently speak English in only 2 years, graduated Summa Cum Laude from said junior college (while trying to learn to speak English), and is now on his way to a full ride scholarship at an Ivy League University.  He also locked down an internship as a lab research assistant to ultimately help people with high cholesterol…at a lab that, up until Flavio persisted them into submission, did not allow anyone less than a PhD student to be a lab assistant.  Again, all from a guy that didn’t even know how to speak English a couple years ago.  Grab some popcorn and prepare to feel bad about yourself, but hopeful for the future.

Teen Volunteer Abroad (with Jack Paquette)

Kids these days.  All they care about is themselves and their Snapchats.  Too busy staring at their cellphones to even acknowledge anyone else.  I mean, where will the world be headed with this next generation at the helm?  Am I right?!  Psych! (that’s what the kids say these days) This week’s episodes showcase how off base and misguided statements like that can be.  In this episode I speak with a 16-year-old high school student that raised and saved money for a year so that he could participate in a volunteer program that helps children in Ghana.  Jack then flew to Ghana and spent three weeks teaching at a school, made bricks to help rebuild said school, and connected with formerly trafficked orphans in the community.  Again, Jack is 16.  Enjoy his positive mindset and let him assuage your fears about our youth.

Breakfast Enthusiast (with Anya Semenova)

Breakfast sure gets a lot of love.  Thanks to an almost 100 year old article in Good Health, most of us were brought up to believe that it is the most important meal of the day. It’s the most appropriate meal of the day to have our daily coffee or tea.  It sets the tone for our day, which means it basically sets the tone for our lives.  People like breakfast so much that they had to create brunch, just to keep the breakfast train rollin.  Most of us, however, would not write into a podcast to ask if we could discuss the hobby of being a breakfast enthusiast.  Most of us are not today’s guest, Anya.

Hunting (with Stephen Miller)

Human’s are at the top of the food chain, and in fact, most of us are completely removed from the food chain all together.  We understand that our fruits and vegetables grown on farms, but we go to supermarkets to get them.  We try to suppress the idea of where our meat comes from, or spend copious amounts of money to get it from a relatively humane source, but no matter what we do we just get it from somebody else that does any of the heavy lifting for us.  Today’s guest, Stephen, likes to hunt and eats the animals that he himself kills.  Some might consider hunting cruel, but Stephen explains why getting back into the food chain changes your perspective and appreciation for your food.

Video Game Historian (with Joe Martin)

Video games are pretty darn popular.  Americans spend about as much on games as they do on going to the movies and buying music, combined.  It makes sense then that game companies are constantly trying to figure out what the next hot game will be, and how to make it (enter Pokémon Go, episode 116).  However, for every great success, there are more great failures, and even more games that even got to see the light of day.  Today’s guest, Joe Martin, is a gaming journalist that like to research this lonely area of gaming, the history of games that were never released.  As they say, those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  So what has Joe learned?

Pokemon Go Expert (with Reddit Moderator - Sebastian Lamerichs)

Growth takes time.  Just ask an 8 year old boy who is smaller than everyone else in his class.  And success, well, success doesn’t happen overnight.  Just ask the founder of nearly every company imaginable.  But sometimes, very rarely, very very rarely, all the stars and planets align.  Sometimes you make a product that you hope people will like, and it turns out to be the product that seemingly everyone was waiting for their whole lives.  Sometimes you come to the realization that people just gotta catch em’ all. 

American Ninja Warrior (with Dr. Noah Kaufman)

Is there anything more badass than being a ninja?  They’re stealthy, they wear all black, they’re the strong silent type.  However, to my amazement, there is something more badass.  Today’s guest is an emergency room physician AND he’s an American Ninja Warrior.  He’ll explain what it’s like to pull off the incredible feats of being a ninja warrior and tell us about his path for getting there.  There is quite possibly no better role model for children and adults of all ages.  If you’re growing weary of seeing advice posts on social media from people whose commitment to said advice is tenuous at best, Noah should be a nice breath of fresh air for you. 

Pen Addict (with Brad Dowdy)

We live in a fast paced world.  On the move, internally and externally, no time to focus on the little things around us that piece together our lives.  Sometimes, in rare moments of clarity, peace, or fatigue, we slow enough to appreciate some of what’s around us.  We fear that this slowing down will get in the way of our fast paced productivity, but I’ve found the exact opposite to be true.  It increases productivity as our true, more capable, selves often come out in the process.  Today’s guest knows all about slowing down and appreciating the little things every day.  He is a self confessed pen addict.  Brad will explain why pens are pretty neat, and how slowing down to write things by hand has helped him cope with the increasing pace of the world around him.

Bladesmith (with Jimmy Seymour)

Knives (and other blades) are so essential to our lives.  Like, top of the life pyramid essential.   Yet, they’re so commonplace and fundamental that we completely take their existence for granted.  Want to not eat a whole cow all at once?  Knives.  Want to not grow your beard…forever?  Knives.  Want to get rid of that rogue tree growing in the middle of your driveway?  Knives. Perhaps it’s because so many of us use cheap knives and blades stamped by machines that we don’t seem to notice them very much.  There are however some amazing people that don’t take their existence for granted, and they make knives the good old fashioned way.  Today’s guest Jimmy will tell us all about the process of making your own knife (or sword) and give us plenty ofother info about these indispensable tools.

Flow Arts (with Nicky Evers)

Have you ever been in a state of flow?  Complete and effortless focus in a single task, a merging of mind and body, all while not even thinking about it?  Flow states are a pretty buzzed about topic right now, and many people are trying to crack the code for educing a state of flow.  Which to me sounds kind of like forcing someone to fall in love with you.  There are however certain activities that really lend themselves well to bringing on a state of flow.  Competitive sports and ultra-marathon running for example.  But what about something for the non blue ribbon presidential fitness award winners of us out there?  Today’s guest explains the world of flow arts.  A super fun, deep, flow state stimulating world for all.

Whiskey Tasting (with Josh Thinnes)

According to the great Ron Swanson, "Clear alcohols are for rich women on diets". This entire week of half hour intern would make Ron proud as it's all about the #1 non-clear alcohol in the world, whiskey.  Whiskey is such a great liquor to learn about as it is incredibly steeped in history, tradition, and lore.  Today's guest is the perfect instructor as he has surrounded himself with the stuff in both his personal and professional life, and knows whiskey better than most people could hope to in a lifetime. This is part 2 where Josh takes me through a tasting of 4 whiskeys that he brought over.