Tarot (with Charlie Harrington)

At some point I think that every reader, no matter how much you believe in this, you have to accept that our thoughts could all just be chemicals, and this could just be cardboard, pop psychology and creative problem solving.

What do you believe in?  Do you only believe in what you can see and touch?  Do people say that you’re the most gullible person in the world and you’ll believe anything?  Are you religious, or is science your only deity?  Where do you stand on the occult and mysterious?  In the past people that chose to balk at religion and consider themselves married to science and logic could sleep soundly only believing in the physical world that science explained.  Then came quantum physics, and with it a bunch of unnerving and miraculous observations without explanation.  Suddenly being ‘logical’ and ‘scientific’ didn’t look so different from being a believer.  Things in the world of mystery and science fiction were now sounding more possible and plausible in the world of actual science.  Of particular interest to me, and the focus of today’s episode, is tarot.  Ask a question, pick some cards, and they will help guide your future.  Sound like BS?  It also sounds an awful lot like the law of attraction mixed with some quantum mechanics helping to guide your life.

Some people only read at that root of the tree level, they’re reading for your souls journey. That’s a challenge when someone is like “I’m trying to get a promotion at work”, and you’re like, “Ah yes, let me tell you about your experience of prosperity and your place in the universe.”
It’s very easy for readers to fall into cold reading, which is the mentalism practice used by con artists to convince people they can tell the future, which is based on body language and the way people ask a question. But people aren’t always how they carry themselves or how they ask the question so you have to be very careful with that.

Interview Contents

4:00 - Tarot and the law of attraction.
5:55 - The history of tarot.
8:40 - The two major schools of thought for tarot.
11:40 - Science and tarot.
12:30 - The cards in the tarot deck.
16:45 - How a reading goes down.
19:15 - A novice vs. expert tarot reader.
20:30 - The style of the reading.
22:15 - The variety in decks.
24:15 - Major vs. minor arcana.
25:15 - What can tarot not do?
29:00 - The fear of giving someone bad advice.
31:30 - What happens when a bunch of bad cards come up for someone?
33:15 - What makes Charlie think tarot is real?
36:00 - Changing the way that someone interacts with the world by giving them a reading.
38:45 - The most memorable readings.
41:10 - Being able to predict how a reading will go, and doing multiple readings.
45:00 - Trying to not be a psychiatrist.
51:00 - Advice for people looking to get more into Tarot.
54:30 - Advice for people looking to get a reading.


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