Urban Agrigulture (with Chelsea Turner & Anthony Krumeich)

The actual farmland conversion is 1,000 square feet is equal to about 5 acres of farmland…and we only needed 5-10 gallons of water per day.

Cities.  Suburbs.  Rural country.  These are three very different and distinct areas that we often categorize, subcategorize, and most importantly separate.  But what if aspects of each could move and fit into each other?  What if the most important and vital aspect of one could be moved into the others?  Farming and growing a sustainable, real people feeding amount of agriculture is often thought of as something that can only be done out in rural land.  However, people like today’s guests are using a little bit of technology and creativity to help bring agriculture to an urban setting, and from the sound of it things are going very well.

The idea is that if you can grow in Vegas, a desert with not a lot of water, not a lot of space, not a lot of options, then you can grow anywhere in the world.
I was like, “ I cant grow them, I don’t have a green thumb, I can’t grow anything”….but I tried it, and I was successful. Me, the no green thumb girl was actually successful at growing my own food. I can’t tell you how much benefit I got from that. The confidence that came from it. The health benefits. The excitement around it.

Interview Contents

2:30 - The definition of urban agriculture.
3:45 - The various methods of urban agriculture.
6:30 - The positive impact of urban agriculture.
8:30 - Growing food in incredibly difficult areas.
12:15 - Hydroponics.
15:00 - Chelsea’s amazing Las Vegas project.
20:30 - Microgreeens and nutrient density.
22:40 - Chelsea’s story of getting started.  From killing houseplants to green thumb.
25:30 - Advice for people that think that they don’t have a green thumb.
28:30 - Anthony’s story of getting started, and making things ‘foolproof’ and harder to fail.
33:15 - Aquaponics, the coolest thing in the world.
35:30 - Technology meets urban agriculture.
40:30 - UrbanAgTech.
41:15 - The easiest way for someone new to get started.

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