Zip-lining (with Mike Seper)

podcast interview about ziplining
It was something I enjoyed so much that I dreamt about it afterward.

I’m going to give anyone reading this a peek behind the curtain.  When I’m writing these blurbs for the episodes I try to come up with a thesis around which I will write.  Now, sometimes when I come up with a thesis I try to tap into the collective zeitgeist and think of a stat or a fact that we all agree with that is going to support my thesis.  Like, ‘we all like puppies’.  After I think of the stat or fact, I then go to good old google and search for it, to add some level of integrity to what I’m saying.  Cut to this weeks episode.

I think to myself, the most wanted superpower has to be flight.  This is gonna tie in perfectly to this week’s episode on zip-lining and why people like my guest, Mike Seper, love it.  So I go to google, see if a large scale survey has ever been done on what super powers people want, and low and behold one has been done.  Cool, just gotta make sure everyone wants to fly like Mike and I and then we can get this show on the road.  And…4th?!  4th place!  Flying is not first, nor second, nor third.  4th.  The number one power people want is invisibility, which in addition to ruining my blurb about flying, really throws a monkey wrench in my idea that the vast majority of humanity is good.  Something tells me that these people don’t want invisibility so that they can anonymously help more people.  Anyway, to all my fellow flyers at heart, today we learn about a way we can get close to the real thing.  

20 years ago the one and only zip-line in America at the time was in Maui. Now with the industry growing…theres about 900 zip-lines in the US.
I always want to approach it like, they may only have one opportunity to do this in their life and I want to give them the best possible experience.

Interview Contents

3:00 - Mike’s first time ziplining.

4:00 - Brining ziplining back to Missouri.

5:45 - How fast do you go when ziplining?

7:00 - How long can a zipline be?

8:00 - Mike’s favorite place to zipline.

9:30 - Guides.

11:00 - Ziplining destinations. 

12:30 - First timers vs. repeat customers.

14:00 - Common questions from first timers.

15:00 - Safety.

16:00 - Zip360.

19:00 - Starting the business in Missouri.

21:00 - Building a ziplining course.

23:00 - Mike’s favorite part about the ziplining business.

25:30 - The sensation and experience of ziplining.

28:45 - Cost.

32:00 - Availability.


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