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Don’t let the words ‘I don’t know how’ stop you from doing anything. You can find someone to help you out and do it.

I have been a fan of podcasts for close to ten years now.  I’ve always loved their ability to open my mind and teach me something new.  Two years ago I decided to start my own.  Having my own podcast has taught me even more than listening to podcasts, and has been such an incredibly fun journey.  I get a lot of questions from listeners thinking about starting their own podcasts and I always recommend that they do.  Today I bring on a couple that have a wonderful podcast that features small businesses in Arizona.  It’s a great idea for a show that any one of you could try to replicate in your local area.  We’ll discuss the ins and outs, and ups and downs of podcasting.  So, if you are one of the many people that have thought about starting your own podcast, listen to today’s episode and get inspired!

I really talked myself out of starting the podcast in the beginning. I would say if you think you can do something and you have that gut feeling to do it, DO IT!
We kind of [interview] a little bit when we first meet them for 45 seconds or a minute, and then they’re just like, “Okay that was fun! I wanna do that again!” And we’re like, Yeah you do!

Interview Contents

4:45 - Going from an idea to reality when starting the podcast.
6:00 - Starting equipment.
10:30 - Working with someone else.
12:15 - How Jose and Britt met.
17:15 - Getting people on the show, and how to select who should come on the show.
19:00 - Live Shows.
23:45 - Having a strict podcast schedule when you have a full time job.
28:30 - Positive benefits from having the podcast.
31:00 - Podcast by yourself vs. having a partner.
33:30 - What makes for a good guest and what makes for a bad guest?
38:00 - What would you do if your podcast became a major success?
39:30 - How much time does the podcast take?
42:00 - Getting nerves before an interview.
43:30 - Media Kits and getting sponsors.
46:00 - Technical and philosophical advice for people wanting to start a podcast.


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