Metaphysical Cleanse (with Stephanie Kato)

how to do a metaphysical cleanse podcast interview with stephanie kato
I do believe that when we can connect with this part of us that can guide us in a very loving way then it can really change how we look at life, how we look at ourselves, how we perceive things and when we understand to be true.

Humans are some pretty complicated organisms.  We have a body, mind, and spirit all wrapped into one package.  Each needs it’s own nurturing and care, and the health of each will influence the other two.  Yet even knowing this, we are often “too busy” to really care for ourselves the way we know we should.  We may go to the gym and see how the time that we give to our bodies also helps pacify our minds, but how often do we try to work the other way around?  Today’s guest, Stephanie Kato, is a pioneer of the concept of Metaphysical Cleansing.  She is a firm believer in healing the physical body through work with the emotional and spiritual bodies.  Today she’ll teach us about the metaphysical path to holistic health. 

It’s a way for us to drop out of our heads and disconnect with the ego part of us that likes to stay in control that’s invested in keeping us afraid. When we connect with that higher self that is calm and that doesn’t embrace the fear, it will change how we look at life, how we look at ourselves, how we perceive things and when we understand to be true.
We will hold certain [limiting] beliefs about ourselves, subconsciously, and then behave in a way that will then create a negative response from the outside world that will allow us to go back and say “see, I’m not worthy.”

Interview Contents

3:05 – What a metaphysical cleanse is.

7:00 – The steps to a metaphysical cleanse.

8:15 – Self-healing.

12:45 – The inner child.

19:45 – The higher self.

35:45 –The surface level of your life.

36:45 – Physical issues.

40:30 – Tapping into your subconscious.

42:45 –Diet

48:15 – Getting out of your own head.

51:00 –Stephanie’s personal work


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