Haunted Hotel Photographer (with Craig Owens)

podcast interview with photographer craig owens
I like pictures that tell a story. I like having more than one model in a shot where they’re doing something and it is up to the viewer to decipher what the scene is.

Do you believe in ghosts?  Like religion, your belief in the paranormal can really be swayed by the culture you belong to.  For some reason in America we don’t really embrace the idea of ghosts, and yet over 80 percent of our population believes in the afterlife.  Today’s guest, Craig Owens, is a talented photographer and, like many people, used to be ghost-agnositc. Then, one day Craig was doing a vintage photo shoot at a supposedly haunted hotel, and he experienced paranormal phenomena first hand while doing the shoot.  This planted the seeds for an amazing passion project called Haunted by History. Craig uses actors to recreate scenes at haunted hotels and takes truly unique photos that teleport the viewer back in time.

After recording the female voice, I saw something in clear view, a shadow figure. Just as I was looking at the shadow and thinking, what light source is causing the shadow, suddenly it moves very quickly around the corner and disappeared from site.
These hotels are history that you can actually spend the night in. They need to be promoted for what they are, and I wanted to celebrate these places.

Interview Contents

4:30 - Craig’s background and love of history.
9:00 - The set-up for the historical style photos that Craig takes.
18:00 - First paranormal experience.
24:00 - The nail in the coffin.
29:00 - Promoting historical hotels.
32:15 - Doing research.
36:00 - Working with hotels.
42:30 - How Craig’s life has changed.


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