Olympic Weightlifting (with Jaci Alberts Long)

what is olympic weightlifting podcast interview with Jaci Alberts Long
I had barely made it and even qualified [for the event]…and I ended up getting bronze overall. I just remember I was sitting in the audience when there were doing the medal announcement and everyone else was coming from the platform, and I was like wait I’m gonna come up there!

I consider myself a pretty fit guy.  I like to eat relatively healthy.  Go to the gym from time to time.  Go for daily walks with my dog and even the occasional run.  Yet every time I go to the gym I am quickly reminded that there are people that are in a whole different stratosphere of fitness than I am.  They are the 1%.  They can be described by the same sentences I wrote above about myself, but with far less adverbs and qualifiers.  They are fit, eat healthy, and go to the gym.  All in all, they are really awesome, disciplined people.  Today’s guest is the 1% of the 1%.  She is currently the USA Weightlifting National Champion in the 63kg category.  She’ll tell us all about the sport of weightlifting and explain what it takes to get to the top of the mountain.

I always put my opening weight lower than what I’m actually going to open at. [That way the other lifters don’t know what you’re going to open at]. It’s just part of the strategy of weight lifting.
If you lift 100 and you make it, and someone else lifts 100 after you, you win because you did it first.

Interview Contents

2:55 - Gymnastics to weightlifting.
6:40 - Jaci’s first competition.
8:50 - The lifts and scoring for olympic weightlifting.
15:40 - Playing mind games with people.
16:10 - The day of the competition.
18:40 - The difference between bronze and gold in a competition.
20:10 - Scoring.
24:25 - The value of having a coach.
27:55 - How a gymnastics background has helped Jaci.
31:10 - The mental game.
37:40 Physical limits.
43:20 - Keeping yourself healthy and injury free.
49:45 - Diet, exercise, sleep.
53:00 - Living a structured life.
56:00 - Misconceptions for weightlifters and female weightlifters.
59:30 - What Jaci has learned about her body.
1:01:00 - Advice.


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