Lacrosse Pro (with Sean Lawton)

how to get started playing lacrosse podcast interview with sean lawton
Be relentless. If you want to do something in a sport be absolutely relentless in terms of being a good person on and off the field. Be relentless in terms of the skills and weight room and running and learning the game.

Professional sports are such a unique and incredible thing.  Unlike many other professions where there can be prerequisites, necessary degrees, and boxes to check to be afforded an opportunity for employment, sports asks only one thing of you.  Are you one of the best people in the entire world that does this?  If the answer is no, well then you better work even harder until you are or move along and find yourself another profession.  It is the truest form of Darwinism that we have in modern society.  Today’s guest, Sean Lawton, is a professional Lacrosse player for the Boston Cannons.  He’ll tell us all about the trials and tribulations of becoming a professional athlete and distill the lessons he’s learned from the process.  Also, we’ll get a brief course in Lacrosse 101.

If it looks like you’re trying to dislodge the ball, you can essentially do whatever you want.
You never see a guy on the street and say ‘that guy must be a lacrosse player’. The guys who are the best in world they range from small and very fast to guys who are really big. If you’re not practicing the fundamentals and the fine tuned movements, you’re not going to go anywhere fast.

Interview Contents

2:00 - How Sean got started with Lacrosse.

3:45 - Lacrosse explained.

7:00 - Size of sticks.

8:00 - Physicality and contact.

12:30 - Natural gifts vs. practice.

14:30 - The ball.

16:30 - The process of playing Lacrosse in college and becoming a pro.

21:15 - The income and lifestyle of a Lacrosse player.

24:00 - Travel for a Lacrosse player.

26:30 - The popularity of Lacrosse.

30:00 - Sean’s Lacrosse trip to Japan.

33:00 - How Lacrosse has benefitted Sean’s life.

35:45 - Advice.


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