Iron Man (with Jesse Vondracek)

One thing that working and training taught me is how to be extremely efficient at my job and at my life. All those times you’re between a meal and doing something else or getting ready to go to work…just condensing all those times so that you have more time for training and recovery.

Do you like to exercise and consider yourself pretty fit?  Let’s take a little test.  Do you like swimming?  How about swimming for two hours straight, nonstop?  Do you like riding your bike?  How about riding your bike for 112 miles, roughly the distance from Los Angeles to San Diego?  Or maybe you’re more of a runner.  How about running a full length marathon?  I feel like I like fitness as much as the next guy, but I’m not lining up to do any of that stuff!  Now, think about doing all 3 of those things, swimming for 2 hours, biking for 112 miles, and running a marathon BACK to BACK to BACK, with no stopping in between.  Seems pretty inhuman.  Well, it’s what today’s guest, and thousands of other people in the world do.  Today we’ll learn all about the Iron Man triathlon and the crazy people that do them.

I’d say my biggest suggestion is to make sure you have a sugar momma because the money is not great!
Oftentimes when I’m racing I’m thinking about everything…if I’m in a flow state, then I’m not thinking, it’s just happening.

Interview Contents

3:10 - What is an Iron Man race?
4:50 - The time it takes to do an Iron Man.
6:30 - Varying courses.
8:40 - Eating and drinking during the race.
10:00 - Diet and nutrition.
13:45 - The number of races Jesse does per year.
14:30 - Training for the races.
17:15 - Proper exercise and taking care of your body.
24:00 - The start of Iron Man and the World Championships.
28:15 - Jesse’s Iron Man history.
30:30 - Flow state.
34:40 - Prize pools and the chances of winning.
37:15 - The time for training and the time for the rest of your life.
39:50 - The growth and popularity of Iron Man.
40:50 - Advice

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