Cake Decorator (with Corrie Rasmussen)

Cakes are a really weird commodity in that a lot of people think “I can get one at the store for $15.99, and you’re gonna make it extra special…so I guess I’ll give you $20”. And it’s like, no, you don’t understand, I put 12 hours of my life into this cake.

There are not many foods that are irrevocably linked to days or events in our lives.  Turkey, for instance, for people in the U.S. on Thanksgiving.  There are fewer foods still that share their tie with events throughout the world, across cultures.  Go to a birthday party in Japan and you will find a birthday cake.  Go to a wedding in Switzerland and you will certainly enjoy some wedding cake.  When you really think about it, cake is in some pretty rarified air.  It makes since then that some people get really into the art and craft of making truly amazing cakes.  Today’s guest, Corrie Rasmussen, explains the hobby and career of cake decorating.

You have to investigate and maybe watch some YouTube videos and experiment before you even try it on the cake, and that is all in my opinion a creative process where you are solving a problem, using your creativity, to give the customer what they want.
Sometimes I make a cake and I’m just like, I hate this, it’s terrible. I’ve made Duck Dynasty cakes and they go viral and everyone loves them in the world, and I hate Duck Dynasty! I had to do five of them over the course of a year.

Interview Contents

3:00 - Becoming a well known cake decorator and getting over 300k followers on Facebook.
9:40 - Doing a class for Craftsy.
11:45 - The types of cakes.
14:30 - Decoration choices.
17:10 - Corrie’s favorite cakes.
19:30 - People enjoying stuff you don’t like.
21:40 - Attributes to a great cake.
24:30 - Artistic freedom.
28:00 - The cake decorating community.
30:00 - Cake decorator pay.
35:00 - Making a sustainable cake decorating business.

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