Web Design (with Wes McDowell)

Have you ever been on a website before?  Has it ever occurred to you that almost every website you go to was designed by a web designer?  That fact reminds me a lot of the architecture episode.  It’s almost hard to believe that EVERY building we walk by was conceived by an architect, and even harder to believe that EVERY website we visit was conceived in much the same way.  Time to take a look into that career and see what this ubiquitous field is all about.


1:40 - What doesn’t Wes do in the world of graphic and web design?

3:30 - The ins and outs of logo design.

7:50 – The designer client relationship in web design.

8:50 – The process of coming up with a concept for a logo or website design.

10:54 – What is a wireframe?

11:20 – How long does it take to make a website or logo for a client?

13:00 – What can a client do to make the design process go more smoothly?

14:05 – Wes’s start in graphic design?

16:01 – Does Wes feel his ability to get a job was hurt by not having a degree?

18:30 – Wes’s design firm and how it got started.

19:52 – The fear of starting your own firm and getting your first clients.

21:15 – How Wes built up his client base.

22:55 – The basics of SEO?

24:35 – The start of the podcast.

25:50 – The 2 most common mistakes new designers make.

26:45 – How does an artist determine what they’re worth?

28:10 – Not letting your client walk all over you.

29:05 – The best part of graphic design.

29:52 – The best part of owning your own business.

30:55 – Advice for someone looking to get into graphic design.


The Deep End Design (Wes's design firm)

The Deeply Graphic Design Cast (Wes's design podcast)

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