Turtle Biologist (with Doug Rice)

Michelangelo.  Leonardo.  Raphael.  Donatello.  What do these names have in common?  They’re the four most famous turtles of all time.  There’s a lot more to being a turtle than being a famous never-aging-teenager ninja though.  Most turtles prefer a more simple life.  Some turtles like to swim in the sea.  Some turtles are really small and like to live in bogs, like little turtle gnomes.  Today’s guest will help us learn about the wonderful and diverse turtle landscape, and also give us a peek at what the life of a field biologist is like.

Clothing Brand Owner (with Jim Snediker)

Clothes, can’t live without em’.  They keep us warm, hide our bodies from the unsuspecting public, and make our pets look really ridiculous.  Since we all need to wear them, that means that lots of people need to make them too.  What kind of an undertaking is that though?  If you want to start a jewelry company you can buy some jewels and stick em’ in some precious metals, next step profit.  If you want to start a clothing company you buy some cotton and…then…next step profit?  Luckily we have Jim Snediker, Co-owner of Stock Manufacturing Co., to explain all them steps of starting a clothing company to us.

Internet / Cable Technician (with Frank Bartlett)

There are some technologies that are indispensible once discovered.  Like a combination of a weed and a redwood, these technologies grow their roots so fast and so deep, that in just a short time removing them would undo the entire foundation of civilization.  For me the big three would be farming, electricity, and the Internet.  One allowed civilizations to exist, one allowed them to thrive, and the last allowed the whole world to connect into one big civilization…and perhaps more importantly it allowed you to read this sentence and listen to this podcast.  Time to figure out what allows us to have the internet and enjoy life as we know it today.

Pet Detective (with Sarah Sypniewski)

For many of us, our animals are like our children.  We dote on them, share pictures with anyone willing to look, and tell stories about how great they are.  Thinking about my life without my dog is…unthinkable.  Yet if our animals manage to run away from home, or get lost, whom are we supposed to call?  Today’s guest, that’s who!  Sarah is a lost pet specialist/pet detective, and when animals in Los Angeles lose their way Sarah knows all the tricks to help track them down.

Metalworker (with Andrew Crawford)

The world of art is about as deep as any there is. There are so many different mediums, so many different styles, and so many different makers and admirers that an endless number of creations can be made.  Today’s guest thought he wanted to go one direction in the world of art, but was then introduced to metal.  This introduction completely shaped the rest of his life, and the way he thought about art.  He still uses metal to make traditional fine art, but he’ll also make you a fence for your back yard.  Who’s to say what can and can’t be art anyways? 

Wine Maker (with Sterling Kragten)

Any fan of Half Hour Intern knows we love our adult drinks around here.  Social lubricating, tension easing, great tasting drinks; what’s not to love?  I’m typically a beer and wine man myself, and as such I’ve already done a couple of interviews with people that get to drink wine for a living (I still can’t believe jobs like that exist!), but today we finally speak to one of the wonderful people behind the juice.  Get ready for a lesson in the delicate balance of art and chemistry.

House Cleaner (with Two Girls One Mop)

I want you to think for a moment about the top 5 things that you hate doing.  My made up survey says that the top answer on that list would be cleaning.  Ugh.  I don’t even like writing the word!  You know something is no good when everyone can easily do it, and yet TONS of individuals pay other people to do it for them.  Today we hear finally hear about the not so bad side of cleaning…and the weird side; it’s really a good, bad, ugly sort of situation.  We’ll learn about what it’s like to be on the other side of the mop, getting paid for it.

Stay At Home Mom (with Brittany Marcotte)

Parenting.  Holy crap.  I want no part of it.  I mean, who needs that sort of responsibility?  I can barely take care of myself on a day-to-day basis.  Put another human being under my care…that’s just downright negligent.  But I do hold out hope that one day I’ll mature, thanks to today’s guest, my wonderful sister Brittany.  Brittany is the most awesome, selfless parent you will ever meet, and currently she is a stay at home mom.  Watching her has done a pretty good job at swaying me into thinking that maybe, one day, a million years from now, being a parent might actually not be that bad.  Today she’ll tell us about what it’s like to go partly crazy from hearing Mickey Mouse songs all day, contemplating running away from home, and definitely not trading any of it for the world.

Vascular Surgeon

Do you get stressed out when your boss yells at you?  Get a bad grade on a test?  The waitress comes over to the table and you weren’t quite ready to order?  Today’s guest, Dr. Raymond Shaheen, may make be able to help put some of that in perspective for you.  Dr. Shaheen is a vascular surgeon who very regularly has to make life or death decisions to help save the lives’ and limbs’ of patients.  We’ll learn what it is like to carry that sort of mental burden, we’ll hear some of the memorable stories from Dr. Shaheen’s career, and most importantly we’ll find out just what the heck a vascular surgeon does.