Vascular Surgeon

Do you get stressed out when your boss yells at you?  Get a bad grade on a test?  The waitress comes over to the table and you weren’t quite ready to order?  Today’s guest, Dr. Raymond Shaheen, may be able to help put some of that in perspective for you.  Dr. Shaheen is a vascular surgeon who very regularly has to make life or death decisions to help save the lives’ and limbs’ of patients.  We’ll learn what it is like to carry that sort of mental burden, we’ll hear some of the memorable stories from Dr. Shaheen’s career, and most importantly we’ll find out just what the heck a vascular surgeon does.


2:19 - What is a vascular surgeon?

3:21 - Arteries and Veins. A quick anatomy lesson.

6:53 - Most common procedures a vascular surgeon does.

8:50 - Dr. Shaheen's most memorable surgeries and emergencies.

13:15 - How Dr. Shaheen deals with the stress of life or death situations.

17:53 - Do you feel this career has changed you as a person?

20:00 - How Dr. Shaheen got started.

24:25 - Monetary and time cost of becoming a surgeon.

30:50 - What advice would Dr. Shaheen give to his 22 year old self.

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