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Ever wondered what it takes to be a life coach?  What does that term even mean?  Do you remind people to brush their teeth twice a day and change their oil every 3k miles?  I mean, how do you coach about something as complex as life?!  Today’s guest, Sariah Sizemore takes us through the fascinating world of life coaching.  She’ll tell us about how she got the confidence to help others through their struggles, what it takes to be a life coach…and just what it is exactly that they do.


4:45 – Sariah’s definition of a life coach, and her role as a life coach.

7:45 – If people have things in their subconscious holding them back, how can they tackle that?

10:00 – The benefits of meditation.

13:53 - Physical exercise vs. meditation. Either/or? Both?

15:52 – What other techniques do you use as a life coach?

20:07 - What are your thoughts on a more traditional sort of life coaching?

22:30 – How Sariah got started.

27:05 – Do you need to learn to be a life coach, or can anyone just get started?

28:30 – What makes Sariah love the job.

29:50 – What is it like to hear about other peoples problems all day?

31:10 – How to maintain your center when things aren’t going well.

33:55 – How Sariah has changed and grown since becoming a life coach.

35:30 – How do you balance being kind to yourself with keeping yourself on the right track?

39:25 – Step #1 towards becoming a life coach.


Sariah's Coaching Website - Free intro session and 20%off a 12 week coaching package if you decide to sign up for Half Hour Intern listeners!  Just mention that you heard Sariah on the show.

Sariah's Fitness Coaching Site - Embody Awesome

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