Tour Manager

Do you like to travel?  Who the hell doesn’t?!  Let’s hear from somebody who gets paid to travel for a living.  In this episode I interview Soki, a tour manager for a travel company for young adults.  Soki leads groups of people through southeast Asia for 1-4 week long trips.  He regularly gets to see temples, jungles, white sand beaches, and even gets to go out at night and have a good time with his tour group.  Sounds like the best job ever…Is it?


2:19 – The difference between a tour manager and a tour guide.

4:37 – How did Soki land such a sweet job?

6:10 – What was Soki’s interview process like?

8:54 – Interview part 2/ on the job training.

11:24 – Interviewees that don’t make the cut.

12:40 – Are there any negatives to this job?

14:08 – The worst types of people to have in a tour group.

19:55 – The best types of people to have in a tour group.

21:38 – Behind the scenes of being a tour manager.

26:41 – Pay range.

27:08 – Education or background required.

27:40 – People who would do well in this job.  People who should steer clear of this job.

29:15 – Soki’s most memorable experiences.

34:46 – Soki’s advice to himself before he got started as a tour manager.

Blake Fletcher

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