Startup Founder

What if I asked you to start a nearly Billion dollar tech business?  “Sorry, I think you got the wrong guy/gal” or “That kind of stuff is made for people cut from a different cloth than I am” might be thoughts that would come to mind.  They certainly did for me!  In today’s episode I interview Taulia founder Maex Ament, and we get to see just how different that cloth is.  We’ll learn about how he mustered up the courage to start his first and second companies, how he feels about the success now, and what advice he would give to anybody with a crazy idea in their head or heart.


What is your background? How did you get here?! - 2:28

How Maex created his first start up - 4:25

How do you develop a confidence in yourself in what you’re doing? - 7:04

Why did you come to the U.S.? - 9:10

Tell me a little more about the growth phase: from having an idea to having clients - 10:27

How much did you sell your first company for? - 12:13

Why did you not just retire on a white sand beach somewhere?! - 12:55

The founding days of Taulia, Maex's current company - 14:34

What’s the difference between an angel and a VC? - 16:49

Did you have a completely working program before getting investment? - 17:45

Was your first customer someone you knew? - 17:54

What is it like pitching to investors? - 18:35

Do VC’s provide business coaching? - 19:52

Maex's top recommendation for creating a thriving start up? - 21:39

What questions can you ask yourself to know if it is a good time to launch your idea? - 23:38

What were the signs, or ah-ha moments you had that let you know your company was going to do okay - 25:00

How has your life changed? - 26:48



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