Cat Behavior Consultant

Have you ever stared into cat’s eyes and wondered what’s going on in that head of theirs?   I sure have!  I’ve wondered things like “What are you so smug about?” “Why do you keep judging me?” and “Why am I putting all of my emotional baggage on this animal?”.  Has all of that wondering still not stopped your cat from being a furry psychopath?  Well today’s guest is here to help!  Daniel  "DQ"  Quagliozzi is a cat behavior consultant.  Seriously.  And he’s here to tell us what’s wrong with our cats, what’s wrong with us, and if it’s really possible for us to coexist.


What is a cat behavior consultant? - 2:15

Do people only contact you if they have a terrible cat? – 2:40

If a cat is being an asshole, how do you know why it’s being that way? – 3:55

Do people mistakenly think of themselves as cat people? – 9:05

Are you a big animal person overall? – 10:55

Did you have cats as a kid? – 11:35

How DQ got started – 13:13

How DQ realized he could do this for a living – 18:23

How DQ started getting clients – 23:30

What a typical day looks like – 26:05

What type of person do you think would do well at this? – 29:49

First step to making this a job - 31:47

How do you feel that you’ve changed as a person from having gone down this path - 32:42


Go, Cat, Go! (DQ's company)


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