Professional Dancer

Do you like nod your head to the beat?  Shake your butt?  Pop and lock?  Too far?  Well for today’s interviewee it’s not far enough!  Keon Saghari started dancing in classes at age 3 and never looked back.  There have been ups and downs over the years, but she is now a core member of Axis Dance Company in Oakland, CA.  She’ll tell us about what it took to get there and what her days are like now that she is living the dream.


2:15 - Keon's response to someone telling her that they can't dance.

4:02 - How Keon got started dancing.

8:25 - The different professional routes someone can take in dancing.

10:40 - Do you have to go to a dance school to become a professional dancer?

13:30 - The audition process for getting a dance job.

15:15 - Keon's story of not getting accepted and going to plan B.

18:47 - How Keon kept her focus and momentum up after not immediately reaching her goal.

19:48 - When and how Keon got her first shot.

21:50 - What a dance company does.

24:50 - Do dancers get discovered during shows?

25:50 - Do you travel with your dance company as well?

29:27 - Do you have a pre-show ritual before each show?

30:28 - Keon's advice for someone wanting a career in dancing.

32:10 - What advice would you give the wallflower at a school dance?


Axis Dance Company (Where Keon Dances)

Blake Fletcher

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