Internet / Cable Technician (with Frank Bartlett)

You go through so many checkpoints when you have internet that it’s ridiculous that it works at all sometimes.

There are some technologies that are indispensable once discovered.  Like a combination of a weed and a redwood, these technologies grow their roots so fast and so deep, that in just a short time removing them would undo the entire foundation of civilization.  For me the big three would be farming, electricity, and the Internet.  One allowed civilizations to exist, one allowed them to thrive, and the last allowed the whole world to connect into one big civilization…and perhaps more importantly it allowed you to read this sentence and listen to this podcast.  Time to figure out what allows us to have the internet and enjoy life as we know it today.

There is more or less just a direct line in one way or another going between me and you.
That’s where some of the problems come with internet right now is that we have so much old infrastructure we’re trying to work around.

Interview Contents

2:30 - What happens when a house or a business needs to get internet?
4:00 - Fiberoptic internet.
7:00 - Details of routing internet to a business.
8:40 - Why can’t we just use wi-fi?
9:45 - Walking through a real job.
14:35 - What considerations does a cable tech have to make when distributing internet to a building?
15:50 - Being contracted before a building is even built.
16:40 - The pros and cons of working on a new vs existing building.
17:20 - The future of internet speed.
18:10 - Internet speed breakdown.
19:30 - Fiber optic breakdown.
22:55 - What does it take for the internet to just work?
27:30 - The whole world connect by cable.
28:30 - Working around old cable.
29:15 - Being limited by your worst piece of equipment.
30:15 - Having a blue collar job in today’s society.
32:10 - The best and worst aspects of the job.


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