Assistive Technology Consultant (with Brian Friedlander)

What I’m trying to do is match their strengths and weaknesses with the technology that is available so I can help them reach their maximum potential.

Not everyone is created the same, and that is a great thing.  We live in a world with boundless diversity that is truly beautiful.  However, with some diversity there comes challenges.  Those with special needs and disabilities can have a tough road in life as society often doesn’t cater to their needs.  Luckily we have wonderful people, like today’s guest, that dedicate their lives to helping those who are created differently, but are absolutely equal to the rest of us.

It’s like magic sometimes. I’ve been in the field for a while, but a lot of it is getting really magical.
There are a lot of companies that had to build devices that don’t have to do that anymore, they just have to develop an app. Of course the apps are much less expensive which makes the solutions readily available for students that need it.

Interview Contents

2:00 - Brian’s road to becoming a special needs tech educator.
4:00 - How far we’ve come.
5:00 - What technologies do many of us use that could be used for people with special needs?
7:00 - The lowering cost of tech that assist special needs students.
8:35 - The spectrum of special needs that students have.
9:45 - Helping children reach their maximum potential.
12:00 - What disabilities are we poised to really help now? What is still very difficult to tackle?
15:15 - Emerging technologies that will be able to help people with special needs going forward.
17:10 - Giving kids the experience of being a kid.
18:15 - iPads changing the game and bringing down cost.
20:00 - Universal design for learning.
24:00 - Assistive technology assessment.
28:45 - Low tech options.
33:00 - Giving children technology they connect to.
34:30 - Exciting things coming up in the next 5 years.
36:30 - Advice.


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