Pet Detective (with Sarah Sypniewski)

There had been no sightings of him for four weeks. For four weeks every day every night we were going out doing crazy things…cooking bacon at 3am trying to lure him out from a hiding spot.

For many of us, our animals are like our children.  We dote on them, share pictures with anyone willing to look, and tell stories about how great they are.  Thinking about my life without my dog is…unthinkable.  Yet if our animals manage to run away from home, or get lost, whom are we supposed to call?  Today’s guest, that’s who!  Sarah is a lost pet specialist/pet detective, and when animals in Los Angeles lose their way Sarah knows all the tricks to help track them down.

When we found Buster, I mean, the tears. It’s that exhausted heaving sobbing. It’s very hard to describe, but it’s like relief, joy…every single emotion you can experience all at once.
Sometimes the circumstances are not innocent. Sometimes we’ve got these really suspicious circumstances where there’s foul play, or there’s a cover up…and pieces aren’t adding up.

Interview Contents

2:55 – Sarah’s road to becoming a pet detective.

6:45 – The steps to finding a lost pet.

8:30 – Doing detective work.

9:30 – Foul play. Things aren’t as they seem.

11:30 – Overwhelming and complicated dynamics.

12:50 – The considerations for different animals.

14:10 – Dogs getting stolen and ‘flipped’.

17:00 – Preventing your pet from getting lost or running away.

19:30 – Tips for the first 36-48 hours.

22:30 – At what point do you stop looking?

24:00 – The traits that make people good at this.

26:40 – The not so great parts about the job.

28:30 – The legal ramifications if someone else tries to take your lost dog.

29:00 – Shelters putting up lost pets for adoption.

32:30 – All the good feels.

40:00 – Prices and income.

41:10 – Where to find Sarah.


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