Personal Finance Expert (with Peter the Planner)

Money makes the world go round.  Well, gravity too, but mostly money.  And yet it’s somehow considered this taboo topic not to be talked about.  And it’s partially due to this taboo that millions of people including myself make poor or uniformed financial choices every day.  Well, time to talk about it!  Today’s guest, Peter Dunn (aka Pete the Planner), devotes his life to helping people make better financial decisions.  He uses just about every media format available to answer questions about money, and help people on the path to financial wellness.  So let’s have him answer some of our finance questions and learn about the awesome path that Peter has chosen in life. 


2:10 - #1 Financial Question young people should be asking themselves.

3:30 – Pete’s thoughts on student loans.

4:55 – Pete’s advice for a new college grad. Living with parents pros and cons.

6:02 – Advice for newlywed.

8:10 – Budgeting and financial goals.

8:40 – Credit score vs. net worth health.

9:30- How young people in expensive cities should handle their money.

12:30 – What to do with your savings.  Where to put it.

13:47 – What to do in financial crisis mode.

15:32 – What about living for today? Why worry so much about retirement?

17:17 – College suggestions.

18:40 – How do you recommend someone save that doesn’t make much money?

20:40 – Is there such thing as saving too much money?

22:44 – The most important things people can do to set themselves up for financial success.

27:00 – When and why did Pete decide to go into finance?

28:52 – Creating the Pete the Planner brand.

29:57 – Why Pete likes his new role.

30:49 – All of the many things Pete is now a part of.

32:37 – Abstaining from self-promotion.

33:18 – How Pete’s role as a personal finance expert has changed him.

35:37 – Pete’s advice for someone wanting to get into finance.

36:49 – Getting ahold of Pete.


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