Professional BMX Rider / Professional Fly Fisher (with KC Badger)

Why have one scoop of ice cream when you can have two?  Why have one favorite singer (Rick Astley) when you can have two (William Hung)?  Why have one super awesome once in a lifetime job when you can have two?  KC Badger knows all about how foolish limiting yourself is, and in today’s episode he shares that divine wisdom with us.  The real life most interesting man in the world explains how he made the transition from professional BMX rider to professional fly fisherman, and why if he can double dip on life, you can too.


3:30 - How KC got into BMX.

4:40 – When and how KC became a pro.

7:29 - KC's sponsorship story.

8:54 - Friends helping friends succeed.

9:50 - The lifestyle of a pro BMX rider.

11:50 - The pay of a sponsored athlete.

16:36 – Competitions.

19:03 - A Fisherman, too! 

24:19 – KC’s first fishing sponsor. 

26:15 - Urban Fishing.

28:08 - Fish species in your neighborhood pond.

33:31 - Advice for people that want to try fishing for the first time.

35:19 - Observing nature.

36:58 – BMX skills that helped KC with fishing.

38:16 - Advice for being a professional anything.


Redington (KC's fly fishing sponsor) 

Kink BMX




Loser Machine

Blake Fletcher

Livin it up!