Architect (with Shayan Saghari)

Good ol’ architecture.  Without it, we’d all be living in caves right now!  No pyramids, no Machu Picchu, no Eiffel Tower.  Thank god for us, people like Shayan exist to bring us out of the Stone Age and into the future.  Using a dash of practicality, a pinch of creativity, and a heap of total badassness, Shayan helps people build their dream homes and by extension, their dreams.  Let’s learn more about this awesome career that impacts how every one of us lives.


2:15 - Is the architecture industry mostly men?

3:40 - Aesthetics and creativity in architecture.

4:10 - The fall of good design.

5:20 - Growing up during a decade of questionable design, how did Shayan get inspired?

6:40 - Shayan's Iranian heritage.

8:45 - Shayan's realization that she wanted to be an architect.

9:55 - The route to and cost of becoming an architect.

12:05 - The different roles for an architect.

13:18 - The client/architect relationship.

14:08 - The day to day life of being an architect.

15:03 - The ancillary aspects of being an architect. 

16:13 - The day to day continued.

17:28 - How to set yourself apart.

18:45 - Shayan's career goal.

19:18 - Best part about being an architect.

22:03 - Lessons that Shayan has learned.

23:20 - Do you have to do sales as an architect?

24:45 - Advice for new architects.

26:00 - What is pay like in architecture?

27:20 - Don't get paid hourly!

29:30 - Who does Shayan admire in the field?

30:35 - How has architecture changed Shayan?

34:00 - Advice/step 1 for would be architects.

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