(Award Winning) Bar Owner (with Josh Harris)

Do you remember your first bar experience?  I sure don’t remember mine (I’ve heard stories), but my second was truly great!  I remember heading into it thinking, ‘why would I pay extra money for drinks just so I can sit at a place less comfortable than my house?’  But I did it anyways, and thus began the multitude of friendships formed and memories made at bars in my life.  Today’s guest, Josh Harris, is co-owner of one of the best bars in San Francisco.  He and his business partner, Scott, set out to make some of the best drinks and best bar food in the world (nailed it), all to help as many people as possible come together and make their own memories (nailed it).  So how do you make alcohol part of your job and open one of the most successful young bars in the world?


3:00 - Josh’s consulting company, The Bon Vivants.

4:08 – How did they get their first consulting job?

4:50 – Josh and Scott’s different backgrounds.

7:40 – What was the turning point to move the business forward?

10:03 - What exactly is it that Josh and Scott do for people as the Bon Vivants?

12:40 – Advising for Absolut.

15:08 – Trick Dog…the most badass bar ever.

16:50 – Growing and developing a neighborhood.

19:00 – Trick Dog, concept to reality.

21:10 – Trying to stay ahead of the hipness curve.

23:45 – The legendary Trick Dog menus.

30:45 – The biggest lessons Josh has learned since the opening of Trick Dog.

34:03 – Josh’s story of being a sober bar owner.

39:30 – Josh’s strengths.

41:35 – The experience of watching happy and captivated customers.

42:50 – The Bon Vivant’s charity work.

48:04 – Josh’s advice for small business owners and entrepreneurs. 


The Bon Vivants

Trick Dog

Pig n' punch / Swig n' swine Charity


Blake Fletcher

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