Sommelier (with Sam Bogue)

Wine.  The drink of the Gods.  The blood or Christ.  The Greeks and Romans each had a God dedicated to it and it was the focal point of Jesus’s first miracle and last supper.  That’s quite a history for a beverage!  So what is it that makes wine so awesome?  So revered by man?  And how does that reverie translate to today?  We’ll speak with Sommelier Sam Bogue to learn all about what makes wine worth obsessing over.


1:35 - How do you pronounce 'Sommelier'?

2:15 - Does Sam get to drink wine all the time while working?

2:45 - Sam's path to becoming a sommelier.

4:10 - The tipping point to becoming a sommelier.

5:00 - Sommelier vs. Wine Director.

5:50 - Selling wine to guests at restaurant.

6:35 - What questions does Sam ask people to help them pick out a wine they will like?

8:30 - How do you curate a wine list for a restaurant?

10:00 - Small, organic wine makers.

11:20 - How do wines come across Sam's desk?  How many wines does he taste per day?

13:00 - Tasting wines you don't like.

13:45 - Sam walks us through a tasting.

14:05 - Sight.

14:45 - Smell.

15:42 - Non-fruit aromas.

16:20 - Improving your nose.

17:45 - Taste.

18:30 - Having a diversity of wine for guests.

19:30 - Food pairing tips.

23:20 - How much skill is involved in wine tasting?

25:20 - Confidence and comfort level when you are becoming a sommelier.

27:25 - Getting intimidated by guests at restaurant.

28:30 - Has Sam's refined wine palate changed the way you taste other things?

30:20 - How else has being a Somm changed Sam?

31:45 - Advice to a potential Somm or wine lover.


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Ne Timeas Restaurant Group (the restaurants where Sam can be found)

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