Baker (with Gillian Shaw)

Baking is so awesome.  It’s fun and messy.  For most people it reminds them of childhood.  And you’re left with the greatest of treats when all is said and done.  Just writing that series of sentence fragments makes me want to grab some eggs and sugar!  Today’s guest was on the path to lawyerdom, and then looked around and said, ‘Forget this, it’s time to start baking!’  Now, years later, she has her own successful baking company whose goods can be found all over the bay area.  How’d she do it?  What lessons did she learn along the way?  Just click play already!


2:15 -  Gillian's baking history.

3:30 – Baking school.

4:10 – Gillian’s first baking job.

7:50 – Gillian realizing she was a baker, not a pastry chef.

10:20 – Gillian starting her own company, Black Jet Baking Company.

11:55 – Black Jet gets exposure!

13:20 – Getting Ritual as their first major client.

14:05 – The time period after major article is written about Black Jet.

15:55 – How do you keep up momentum and try to stay on top and inspired?

17:20 – Not trying to do too much.

18:00 – Where and how does Black Jet make their food?

19:20 – The work life at Black Jet.

20:15 – Transitioning to an ‘office’ role and growing the business.

22:00 – Delivering food and working with Good Eggs.

26:20 – How do you get businesses to set a standing order with you when you first start your company?

28:05 – How has paleo, and other ‘clean’ diets, effected Gillian’s business?

29:50 – Closing words of wisdom.


Black Jet Baking Company

Blake Fletcher

Livin it up!