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Just stop right there.  I know what you’re thinking.  ANOTHER episode about alcohol…that…is…AWESOME!  And you’re right, it is awesome.  Do you know how many treaties were signed over a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon?  All of them.  Do you know how many businesses were founded over a carafe of Zinfandel?  All of them.  Do you know how many statistics I’ve made up while drinking a glass of Sangiovese?  None of them, because that would be totally irresponsible.  Today’s guest, Madeline Puckette, is the ultimate Renaissance woman.  She’s the graphic designer responsible for some of the greatest wine infographcs that have ever been made.  She was voted Wine Blogger of the Year at the International Wine and Spirits Competition for her site, Wine Folly.  And now, she’s responsible for the #1 selling wine book on Amazon of the same name…and as of my writing this it hasn’t even come out yet!  So how, in just a few short years, do you completely take the wine world by storm?


3:20 - Madeline's background.

4:55 - Making money with wine.

6:30 - Wine + Digital.

8:00 - Infographics about wine.

8:30 - Going viral.

10:45 - Before viral post & after.

12:05 - Wine, Game of Thrones, coffee, and weed.

14:00 - Core values.

15:07 - The book.

16:50 - Finances/Making money.

19:00 - Getting an agent.

20:30 - A book proposal.

21:40 - Publishers.

23:30 - Awards.

27:09 - Time to write a book.

28:48 - Doubt.

30:43 - Networking.

32:09 - Allocating time.

36:12 - The finished product.

37:05 - Blessings in disguise and taking a break.

42:45 - What Madeline's day is like now.

43:20 - Marketing tips.

45:05 - Madeline's favorites from the book.

48:20 - Madeline's advice for growing your audience.


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