Peace Corps Volunteer (with Jeff Palmer)

Have you ever dreamt about leaving your whole life behind and starting a new one somewhere else?  Do you ever consider ditching your path to personal gain to go and help the less fortunate?  Have you ever been watching a documentary about living in a 3rd world country and almost dropped everything right then and there to join the Peace Corps?  I can’t be the only one!  Today’s guest, Jeff Palmer, knew from a very young age that he wanted to help people, and while still in high school made up his mind that he would join the Peace Corps.  What he didn’t know was how difficult and long the process would be to get there, and what life would be like once he began.


What is the Peace Corp?

Why does it still exist?

Jeff, the micro ambassador to America.

Do you know so and so? Celebrity questions.

The internets role on shaping other countries' view of America.

Deciding to join & the sign-up process.

Jeff's arrival in Morocco.

Jeff’s Group.

Learning the language.

Jeff’s Training.

Living with a host family.

Getting to your work site.

The food/culture.

Jeff’s job as a small business consultant.

Overcoming challenges.

Work schedule.

Jeff’s achievements.

Lessons learned.

Jeff’s thoughts on the Peace Corp.

What makes a good volunteer.

Advice for future prospects.


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Millennium Challenge Corporation

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