Hostel Owner (with Duncan Graham)

Do you consider yourself an extrovert?  Do you thrive off of the energy you get from meeting new people?  Have you ever considered starting a hostel right out of your house?  I’m gonna go ahead and assume no.  But after hearing today’s guest, it might not sound like such a crazy idea.  Duncan started a hostel right out of his house, that he still lives in, and in the last 8 months he’s had over 500 people from all over the world stay with him.  He’ll tell us all about the effect it has had on his life, and how he turned a home that he is renting into and amazing business and life venture.


The origins of the hostel.

Why Duncan likes hostels.

Back to the origin story.

Using Air bnb to launch the business.

Their first guest.

The profile of guests that stay at Treat Street Clubhouse.

Strange/bad guests.

The ideal guest.

How Duncan’s life has changed.

Hooking up with guests.

Connecting with guests only to have them leave.

The day-to-day operations.

What else Duncan does for income.

Does Duncan feel he has more or less freedom since starting the hostel?

Who should steer clear of doing this and why?

How successful is the hostel?

Lessons learned and tips to get started.


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