Vibe Manager (with Kelly Robinson)

Do you have an idea of a job that you want to do, but the job doesn’t really exist yet?   Do you have several unrelated passions that you don’t see how you could possibly tie together into a career for yourself?  Well so did today’s guest, Kelly Robinson, but now she’s combined architecture, design, travel, yoga, meditation, and psychology into one of the coolest jobs I could possibly imagine.  We’ll learn what the heck being a vibe manager is all about and how Kelly turned a fairy tale job into a reality.  Get ready for some inspiration!


1:47 - What is a Vibe Manager?

4:24 - How Kelly got into being a Vibe Manager.

5:54 - Kelly's path.

8:05 - Landing a job at Air BnB.

12:12 - Don't take NO for an answer.

13:16 - The yoga connection .

15:05 - How yoga impacts Kelly's work.

16:10 - Yoga philosophy + Design.

18:47 - Kelly's current role at Headspace and the progression of her career.

20:45 - Advice for others in a similar role and life in general.

21:40 - Kelly's growth as a person.

23:51 - What does the future hold?

24:42 - Kelly's confidence.

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