Musician (with Rocky Votolato)

Remember how cool being in a band seemed when you were a kid?  Remember how cool that still seems right now?!  Whatever happened to those aspirations of playing in front of thousands of screaming fans?  Today's guest, Rocky Votolato, never gave up on the dream.  It has paid off as a long and fruitful career as both a band member and, more notably, a solo singer songwriter.  We'll hear from Rocky about how being a musician has changed his life, what touring is like as you get older, and much much more.


2:40 - Rocky's musical inspiration as a child.

7:00 - Rocky's other jobs.

7:55 - Rocky's decision to go to college.

9:27 - Playing shows while in school.

10:00 - The post college grind and family obligations.

11:39 - Getting his first record deal.

13:10 - Getting signed to Barsuk.

14:35 - How many albums Rocky now has.

15:52 - The progression of Rocky's music.

18:30 - Rocky's writing process.

21:50 - What is it like touring as you get older?

24:00 - Getting sober.

25:30 - Advice for young musicians.

29:25 - Rocky's recent living room tour.

35:00 - How has this career path changed you as a person?

37:10 - West coast tour dates.


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