Street Artist (with Cameron Moberg)

For me it was the first time that color just exploded because I’m colorblind…It was so rich and vivid and it was taking all these objects and allowing them to have movement and flow across the wall… I was just instantly like, dude, this is the art I want to do for the rest of my life.

Forms of art can be like fuel for the soul.  Music, paining, sculpture, photography, and countless other art forms have a way of cutting to our core.  Forget your prefrontal cortex, that music is gonna get that toe tappin and that painting is gonna head straight for your pleasure center.  As a city dweller, one of my favorite forms of art is kick ass street art.  Big, bold, bright murals that enhance an otherwise bland, and sometimes even run down, building.  Not only is it great in sheer aesthetics, but the way you happen upon it is just the best.  No tickets to a museum.  No art gallery needed.  No planning at all.  You’re just walking down the street and BAM, awesome thing in your face!  It’d be like going for a walk and all of the sudden this amazing band was just playing on the street corner.  The combination of beauty and surprise is one that I have absolutely no problem with.  Today’s guest is one of the best at making these awesome surprises a reality as he takes the otherwise mundane and turns it into art.

I love painting a canvas and I have fun doing it, but you’re very limited in your movement. Whereas, man, you give me a spray can, and I just go nuts.
Personally it’s very conflicting in my soul, because if I could just paint for free for people I would, but unfortunately that’s not the reality of life.

Interview Contents

1:40 – What is it like being Banksy?

2:10 – The changes in street art.

7:40 – Graffiti and vandalism getting lumped together.

8:30 – Learning the basics.

10:00 – The legality of graffiti and street art.

13:35 – Doing illegal graffiti.

15:10 – Cameron’s beginnings.

18:20 – Teaching kids to practice at art.

20:30 – Street Art Throwdown.

25:30 – The reality show experience.

29:00 – After winning Street Art Throwdown.

30:45 – The business end of street art. Who pays for this stuff?

40:15 – What draws Cameron to street art as a medium?

44:35 – Traveling for work.

45:45 – Being a brand.

48:00 – Advice.


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