Paranormal Psychic (with Adrian Lee)

I’ve actually seen full bodied apparitions walking towards me where I’ve had to stand my ground and think to myself what am I gonna do now.

Ghosts and ghouls and goblins, oh my!  Do you believe in ghosts?  Like religion, your belief in the paranormal can really be swayed by the culture you belong to.  For some reason in America we don’t really embrace the idea of ghosts, and yet over 80 percent of our population believes in the afterlife.  Today’s guest explains that if an afterlife exists, those that are a part of it would likely want to come back from time to time to check in on us.  I say the more the merrier and stop hiding from me already!  Let the haunting begin.

When you die physically you get eternal when people say to me you shouldn’t talk to the dead I turn around and say I’m not talking to the dead I’m talking to those that have eternal life.
Demonic entities have better things to do in their life than turn the lights on and off in your apartment. They have far more important things to do.

Interview Contents

1:50 - What do people mean when they say paranormal?

2:20 - Needing an acceptance of the afterlife.

2:50 - Intelligent haunting.

3:55 - Residual haunting.

4:30 - Other paranormal activity.

5:15 - Psychic vs medium.

6:40 - Placebo effect.

10:20 - What is the reason for people coming back and talking to us?

12:55 - What made Adrian get really into the paranormal?

15:40 - Being mocked by other historians.

19:15 - What does Adrian actually do?

23:55 - Is Adrian trying to confirm of debunk spirits?

26:00 - Adrian’s first paranormal experience.

29:25 - The craziest paranormal experiences Adrian has had.

33:30 - What age do people start being sensitive to psychic activity.

36:15 - Common misconceptions people have about the paranormal.

40:25 - Making the psychic connection over the phone.

41:30 - Are you ever not able to make contact with spirits?

43:55 – Advice and resources.


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