Middle School Music Teacher (with Tim Cassell)

[Working with kids] can be so tiring, but then the next second they do something that can instantly refresh you.

Music is the freakin’ best.  They say that you can’t stay upset or depressed if you put a smile on your face.  I say you can’t stay upset or depressed if you just put on some music.  Music is like a shot of pure serotonin that bypasses your brain and hits your right in the soul.  In order to have this wonderful drug we have to have people that make music, and in order to have that we need to have those that teach and inspire.  Today’s guest is a Jr. High school band director that inspires kids to connect with music and create it for themselves.

Whenever you get passionate about something, that can be band, music, comics, movies, it can be easy to get ‘nerdy’ about it.
Performing music is something that we all kind of appreciate...secretly I think we all would love to play and be a part of something.

Interview Contents

1:15 - The setup of a Jr. High band?

3:30 - The stigma of being in the band.

5:10 - Deciding what level a kid can play at.

6:45 - Feeling bad about not promoting kids.

9:40 - Issues with kids’ parents.

11:00 - Tim’s own instrument playing.

12:15 - What exactly do you DO as a band director?

15:15 - How do you know if you’re doing a good job?

16:50 - Funding for band and other electives.

19:10 - The stresses of being a teacher.

21:00 - Does working with kids all day rub off on you?

22:30 - The most memorable day in your career.

25:00 - Advice for people wanting to work with kids.


Got Questions for Tim? Here's his e-mail address :  tcassell@mvwsd.org

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