Nonprofit (with Amanda Brock)

It’s really fulfilling… to know that every piece of my job is making a difference.
Amanda Brock - Spark

If I had a dollar for every time I wished I had a dollar, I’d be the Bill Gates of dollars.  Is money really where it’s at though?  John Lennon and The Beatles sure didn’t think so.  Mark Zuckerberg recently decided to begin the process of giving 99% of his Facebook shares toward learning, curing disease, connecting people and building strong communities.  That is A LOT of dollars!  It seems for many people that make it to the top financially there’s still a longing to do more, to give back.  One of the best ways to give back is to find a great non-profit that you believe in, and support it.  Today’s guest, Amanda Brock, found a non-profit that she loved and started donating her time and money.  After a time that wasn’t enough and she left her job to work full time at the non-profit.  She’ll let us know all about the switch and the non-profit life.

It was kind of like going to a happy hour except you get to talk about how you want to make the world a better place and the first questions isn’t what you do for a living.
The amount of different tasks I get to do is really exciting, and every aspect of what I do is super important towards the impact we’re trying to make in the world.

Interview Contents

2:00 – The structure of a non-profit. Staff, volunteers, board, advisors, and donors.

3:45 – The member network.

6:40 – Amanda’s start in the non-profit world.

8:35 – Doing something impactful

10:55 – Making a difference in a small company.

12:30 – Board members

14:30 – Spark, the non-profit Amanda works for.

18:25 – Volunteer roles.

23:05 – How do you decide which charities will be voted on for a Spark grant?

25:25 – Giving to the same charity multiple times.

26:08 – Why women run companies only?

27:10 – Advice for would-be non-profits.

31:10 – Getting involved with Spark.



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