Actor (with Michael Goorjian)

In an interview, I’m gonna tell you about all the highlights...just cuz that’s what we do. But for every job that I’ve booked as an actor there’s so many things that I didn’t get or that didn’t work out.

Isn’t it interesting how long storytelling has been a part of human civilization? It has always been there as this integral piece of society and culture, and was even around before there was any concept of society or culture.  We can use acting and storytelling to entertain; it can take us on a journey and bring out all of our emotions.  In it’s more deep form it can also make us think and help us grow as people.  It develops our empathy and can help us tackle ideas in an abstract way that we may be too unprepared to face head on.  For all these reasons and more, today’s guest, Michael Goorjian, has made storytelling his life’s work.  From acting, to directing, to writing, Michael has done it all and done it well.

I was like ‘what?! I just saw a guy get stabbed in the elbow with a screw driver in gym class, and you’re telling me I’m gonna have to get up in front of the entire school with a bunch of old people?!’
They had a blackened chicken sandwich that I thought was the best sandwich in the world, so I took my golden globe and made a new label for it, Best Blackened Chicken Sandwich, and I gave it to em.

Interview Contents

6:10 – Michael using acting to get out of class in Jr. High.

10:45 – Going to college, and Michael’s first bigger acting gigs.

11:55 – Getting cast in Newsies.

12:35 – Making a horror film behind the scenes while filming Newsies.

15:25 – The struggle that doesn’t get discussed during interviews.

16:50 – Life Goes On, Party of Five, and being disgruntled in your 20s.

19:05 – The trade off of ‘doing everything’ in your career.

20:00 – Winning an Emmy.

22:25 – Wanting to make deep and meaningful material.

24:35 – Religion, science, and where we fit.

32:00 – The state of wonder.

33:35 – Getting in touch with the most true, inner self.

35:45 – Going back to acting and enjoying it for what it is.

37:05 – Defacing and giving away his Golden Globe.

38:00 – SLC Punk.

38:35 – Being a lead actor in a cult film.

39:25 – Why SLC Punk became a cult film.

43:20 – SLC Punk 2.


Blood Drips on Newsies Square

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