Director & Author (with Michael Goorjian)

Yeah, you read Castanada, and great, it’s about big deep ideas, but it doesn’t talk about how the hell I deal with my damn cell phone.

Isn’t it interesting how long storytelling has been a part of human civilization? It has always been there as this integral piece of society and culture, and was even around before there was any concept of society or culture.  We can use acting and storytelling to entertain; it can take us on a journey and bring out all of our emotions.  In it’s more deep form it can also make us think and help us grow as people.  It develops our empathy and can help us tackle ideas in an abstract way that we may be too unprepared to face head on.  For all these reasons and more, today’s guest, Michael Goorjian, has made storytelling his life’s work.  From acting, to directing, to writing, Michael has done it all and done it well.

I’m dealing with the internet and a lot of things that are my daily life... it’s the challenges of the environment that I’m in now, and trying to find a path to explore that.
To me the struggle to really create as an artist couples very nicely with exploring philosophically, but the minute it reeks of someone teaching me something I put it down.

Interview Contents

1:05 – Focusing on directing.

1:45 – Oakland Underground

2:45 – Illusion

7:40 – Meeting the people at Hay House.

11:15 – Making You Can Heal Your Life.

12:40 – Meeting Wayne Dyer.

13:45 – Making The Shift.

23:15 – Helping non-actors act.

25:45 – Making Tales of Everyday Magic

28:30 – People worshipping Wayne.

30:15 – Knowing Wayne.

33:55 – Communicating philosophically and spiritually with people.

35:35 – Being a ‘true’ guru.

37:50 – The most important spiritual lessons Michael has ever learned.

49:50 – Writing a book and becoming a Hay House author.

55:25 – Same ideas for a different time.

57:50 – The fictional spiritual/philosophy genre.

1:01:35– Burying a spiritual idea in a story.



Oakland Underground

You Can Heal Your Life

The Shift

Tales of Everyday Magic

Michael's website and info about the book.

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