Sportscaster (with Scott Lynn)

I would play wiffle-ball by myself in my yard as a little kid and call games, I would trow it up and pretend I was a play by play guy ‘It’s off the wall, that one’s gonna go for a double!’

Is there a better unifier of people than sports?  For that matter, is there a better divider of people than sports?  What a unique thing to completely bring groups of strangers together out of a shared love for their team, and tear others apart out of their geographical patronage.  That sure is some intense emotion that sports stirs up!  I, for one, love sports and its unadulterated expression of hard work and teamwork ultimately paying off.  I also just love being able to watch people who are the best at their craft do their thing.  Seeing Steph Curry hit three after three really is a beautiful thing.  Today’s guest, Scott Lynn, has spent his life watching and commenting on sports.  As you would imagine, he feels like a very blessed man, and has a lot to say about a life spent with the greats.

There’s a big difference in radio play by play and television. You are the eyes for everyone listening on have to paint the picture for them.
They didn’t tell me this, but apparently my colon was bursting and if I and waited another hour I would’ve died.

Interview Contents

2:10 – The difficulty of getting into sportscasting.

3:20 – Classes in college for becoming a sportscaster.

5:10 – Calling games for your college.

7:00 – Calling games play by play.

10:00 – Calling for a team that makes it to the championship.

13:00 – Meeting the president.

14:45 – The differences in play by play for different sports.

16:15 – The difference between radio and tv play by play.

17:35 – The golden sportscaster voice.

19:50 – Writing his first book, Thornridge.

23:00 – Getting diagnosed with colon cancer.

25:55 – Having something to work on during chemo.

26:55 – Self publishing.

29:30 – Getting ahold of publishers.

31:35 – Asking famous people for help with publicity.

36:30 – Interviewing multiple generations of sports stars.

38:00 – Athletes being more ‘real’ during Sports Idols’ Idols interviews.

42:15 – Superbowl ties in the book.

46:40 – Issues with self-publishing.

49:15 – Having to go back and get consent from all of the athletes.

52:50 – Advice for people looking to self publish a book.


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