Experimental Architect (with Dave Irwin)

When I began to shift that way of thinking to, the goal is to get to Greenland, any means necessary. Any means necessary make it happen. And from that, I began to see opportunities emerge.

This episode is a slight departure from the usual format.  In it I interview a very intelligent, very ambitious friend of mine, Dave Irwin.  Dave is going to be leaving in May to live on a glacier in Greenland where he will test out a product that he designed to replace the typical home foundation in flood prone areas.  He’s trying to change the world and help millions of people, and during the interview he’ll tell us all about how and why.

It’s been a really incredible learning experience, having to go through that and fall on my face, get back up and go ‘alright well, that didn’t work, so what’s the next way to do it’.
The easy part is doing it yourself, but I realized I needed to go to the next level to get a full scale prototype. I had to take my ego and throw it out the window and talk to people and [ask for their help and advice]

Interview Contents

3:30 – What is Rig?

4:20 – The need for something new.

5:20 – Insurance/flooding numbers.

6:10 – How Rig works.

7:10 – The need for a dynamic foundation.

7:50 – The genesis of Dave’s idea.

11:35 – How much time did it take to come up with this?

13:00 – The full circle of Dave’s idea.

13:05 – The prep for living in Greenland.

15:45 – The prep and mental game for getting Rig to Greenland.

20:30 – Having a non-tech startup.

24:10 – The drive behind Rig.

26:25 – Working with nature.

29:20 – How to help.


Dave's Go Fund Me Campaign

Website for Rig - Weekly updates about the project and expedition

The Terra Projects - Other project that Dave has worked on



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