Kid's Nutrition Expert (with Sanjay Raja)

Sugar. #1 public enemy. I can’t say enough about it. And it’s completely avoidable! There’s so many different toxins in the environment, and here’s one thing that we can avoid, so why don’t we do that.

Diet.  It’s all around us.  An ever-present member of our lives.  Whether we want to lose weight, gain weight, get more energy, or have more focus, tweaking the diet is always the first and best place to start.  For most of us, this is something that we started to do as adults.  I, for one, am pretty focused on my diet, but it’s not something I gave even a second thought to until about 5 years ago.  Prior to that it was fast food and mac and cheese if that’s what I was in the mood for.  Today’s guest, Sanjay Raja, argues that that shift in focus needs to happen earlier, as early as baby food.  Let’s find out why and get some tips for raising a healthier generation.

Purple foods help to increase longevity, green foods are good for detoxing, yellow foods are good for your joints and your ligaments, and red foods are good for your muscles and blood…and the rule of thumb is, always have a rainbow on your plate.
Sugar increases activity in the pleasure center of the brain for children. What sugar does is it creates a dependency and over time you need more of it to feel good…the body reacts the same way to heroin as it does to sugar.

Interview Contents

1:55 – Why kids nutrition.

3:45 – The popularity of good nutrition.

4:15 – Can’t kids just eat everything?

5:25 – Children getting type 2 diabetes.

7:25 – The lack of focus on kids nutrition.

8:50 – Sugar and ADHD.

10:25 – Heroin, sugar, and dopamine receptors.

11:05 – Hunger binges.

12:40 – What if my kid is an asshole?

14:05 – The kids menu.

15:05 – How do you make your kid not resent you?

19:25 – Sugar from ‘healthy’ sources.

20:15 – How bad is it that my kid will only eat processed meats?

23:15 – Managing the cost of eating healthy.

26:10 – Most important things to look out for at a grocery store.

27:50 – The amount of ingredients in food.

29:50 – Fruits and vegetables for children.

32:30 – Setting your kids up for success.

35:30 – Diet, exercise, sleep.

38:00 – Priorities.

41:10 – Advice for people that would like to become a fitness consultant.


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