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Instead of having a map of what you do, it’s more of an intuitive session that you and your client are creating together.

Human touch.  Is there anything better?  Anything that connects us more to other people?  Anything that connects us more to ourselves?  When was the last time that you were really in the moment, not thinking about anything else?  Odds are human touch was involved in some way.  Cuddling, hugging, sex, massage, even bumbling around as a teenager, they all have a way of clearing the noise and bringing you into your skin.  Well, a couple of weeks ago we talked about cuddling, so onto the merits of massage!  Today’s guest, Kelly Spellman, is a practitioner of the very specialized Esalen massage.  Almost more of a philosophy behind the massage than a set standardized way to practice; Esalen focuses on a holistic, whole body and spirit, approach to massage.  Sound pretty avant-garde.  Sounds pretty awesome!

We learn in the training how to ground ourselves…so you as a therapist are in touch with yourself and your body, because you want to help your client become aware of these things too. And if you aren’t aware in yourself, then how can you help somebody else become aware.
You see a lot of interesting things going on. These shaman workshops, gestalt workshops, writing, yoga, so there are all different kinds of ways to explore what it is to be human and push your limits.

Interview Contents

3:20 - Esalen.  A place, an idea, and a massage.

4:30 – Breathing with the client and being intuitive.

6:15 – Grounding.

7:00 - The mindful practice of esalen massage.

8:50 - The longstroke.

9:35 - Getting aroused during a massage.

12:45 - Lying supine.

14:40 – The different styles of Esalen massage.

16:05 - Esalen’s celebrity popularity.

17:45 - The culture and ideas behind Esalen.

19:00 - The overall popularity of Esalen.

21:15 - The Esalen property.

25:40 - Workshops at Esalen.

26:30 - Being an employee at Esalen.

27:30 - Favorite workshops.

28:45 – Where can you get Esalen massage?

29:20 – How to become Esalen massage therapist.


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