Neuro-linguistic Programming Expert (with Mike Bundrant)

It’s not necessary for anyone to believe that it’s going to happen. This is not a faith healing. It’s not necessary for you to believe. What is necessary is for you to want to do something about it.

Most of us do not achieve all the things that we want to in life.  We see this as a given, that’s life.  But if we sit down and really analyze the things we fall short on, we might start to understand more about ourselves and what it is that is holding us back from what we want.  How do we talk to ourselves about losing weight?  How do we see ourselves when we have achieved the success we are going after?  How do we feel when we think about our life being completely different than it is right now?  Neuro-linguistic Programming is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy that aims to know these things.  Unlike many forms of therapy, NLP doesn’t need to know WHY you have problems with your mother, NLP just wants to know HOW you think about your mother and will help you reshape that thought.  For this reason it has made quite a splash in the personal development / self help scene.  Today we speak with a true expert on the topic, founder of iNLP, Mike Bundrant.

It’s not what you’re thinking about. It’s how you’re thinking about it that makes all the difference.
The devil is in the details so in NLP we go in very specifically and get the structure of those thoughts. Are they pictures, sounds, feelings? What are the qualities of those pictures and sounds and feelings that make up the experience?

Interview Contents

4:15 - NLP definition and history.
10:00 - Determining how people are thinking about something.
18:00 - Programming yourself.
20:45 - What if people don’t believe they can be helped?
23:30 - Hypnotherapy.
28:30 - Working with people who are difficult.
32:30 - Mike’s psyc history.
37:00 - Starting iNLP and how it differed from traditional training.
46:15 - How NLP helps with achievement.
57:00 - Advice.




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