Repurposed Food Producer (with Dan Kurzrock)

We’re not yet offering a full solution to a single brewery, there’s just that much of this stuff. It’s about a pound of grain for a 6-pack of beer.

We’ve gotten to a point as a species where we are pretty damn wasteful.  Gone are the harmonious days of us living and working in conjunction with nature.  Today we get massive portions of food and then throw away our leftovers.  We fill landfills with packaging and the byproducts of manufacturing.  There is no circle of life, there is simply waste.  Luckily, some amazing new companies have been created that aim to tackle this problem.  Today’s guest repurposes used beer grain from urban breweries to make delicious and nutritious grain bars.  As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

We drove straight there [to get the grain], we pulled up to the brewery and they were like ‘It’s out back.” I don’t know what we were expecting, but we certainly weren’t expecting this rotting dumpster of public health concerns.
Don’t let perfection get in the way of your progress.

Interview Contents

3:30 - Dan’s underage beer making roots.
8:00 - Trying to make a used grain solution for urban breweries.
13:30 - The long path to creating ReGrained.
17:45 - Making the leap of faith to do ReGrained full time.
19:00 - Creating an image that looks good and professional.
23:30 - People helping along the way.
25:00 - Making money in a crowdfunding campaign and how that changed things.
30:35 - Getting partnerships and picking up the grain.
35:00 - Choosing high quality brands to partner with.
39:30 - Getting press.
40:50 - Deciding when and where to spend your time.
45:45 - Working with advisors and the advice they give.
48:00 - What to do in times of doubt.
52:00 - Advice for someone looking to start their own company.


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