Talk Show Host Assistant (with Katie)

I love Harry Potter more than anything in the world…So the moment comes [that Daniel Radcliffe is on the show] and I walk out there with the cards, and our comedian sees me and he totally capitalized on the moment and is going on and on about how much I love Daniel Radcliffe, making up all these lies to embarrass me, and I’m just mortified, and Daniel is hearing all of this.

I don’t know about you, but I sure want to have a job that I love.  Isn’t that a pretty universal goal in life?  To be one of those lucky people who says, “It doesn’t even feel like work to me”.  Until you get that job you just pretty much hate people like that, but you really, really want to be one of them.  Today’s guest thought she found that job.  It’s an amazing job, and you’ll hear all about it.  You might even decide that it’s your dream job.  For her it turned out to be fool’s gold.  She’ll explain why and how she went about fixing it…and she’ll tell us some pretty good celebrity stories too.

You definitely become desensitized to celebrities working on a tv show like that…we had a person come who would bring exotic animals, and they brought a sloth, a snow leopard, a kangaroo. I was SO excited to meet this sloth.
I got to go to a lot of red carpet events. Premieres. Interview celebrities. That was one of my favorite parts about the job.

Interview Contents

3:30 - Hating talking about the job.
7:15 - How Katie got the job.
14:15 - The role of an assistant.
18:30 - Other cool things Katie got to do because of the job.
21:00 - Getting star struck.
23:30 - The Harry and Harry stories.
33:20 - Analysis of why Katie stopped liking her job.
44:30 - What Katie took away from her experience.
48:15 - How Katie was able to find a job that aligned with her better.
53:30 - Advice.


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