Land Investor (with Mark Podolsky, The Land Geek)

The ultimate business model is not going to be anything physical. It’s going to be a one time sale and then recurring revenue every month. It’s gonna have very little competition and it’s gonna have high margins. Land investing really met all of that criteria for me.

Money.  It’s one of those things that most of us spend a little too much time thinking about and could probably use a little more of.  Today’s guest, Mark Podolsky, was very much like the rest of us until one day a friend introduced him to the concept of land investing.  Rather than flipping real estate, just buying raw land and turning around and selling it for a quick profit.  A massive, quick profit.  Mark thought his friend was making it sound too good to be true, but sure enough, his first piece of land he sold for close to 10x what he bought it for.  Now, many years later, Mark has built a 7 figure business buying and selling land, and he now educates people on how they can do the same.  Over three episodes Mark will explain the basics of the process to us and defend his claim that land investing is the best passive income model around.

We’ll get recordings [for purchasing the property] done in a day or less, and then once it’s mine I can sell it. I we sell within 30 days or less.
On your very first deals you might make 300-1,000%. My clients, we’ll haze if they only make 100% on their first deal. In the real world they made 100% and they’re still super happy, but in our world we haze you.

Interview Contents

Part 1

3:45 - The way that Mark learned about buying and selling land.
5:30 - Not believing it’s going to work and trying it himself.
7:15 - Quitting his job and doing this full time.
8:15 - Why land and not houses?
12:00 - The inefficient market of raw land.
13:00 - The amount of time Mark holds onto land and if he needs to improve it.
14:00 - The biggest purchase and sale Mark ever made.
15:20 - The ups and downs of the land market.
16:15 - How this has gotten easier thanks to technology.
18:45 - Hiring people on and trusting them.
20:00 - Where to buy land.
23:00 - Who do you sell land to?
25:15 - How to know what land you should buy.
26:00 - Options.
27:30 - Things to look out for when looking at land.
31:00 - Where the land is.
32:45 - The steps you take when looking at land to buy.
37:00 - Mistakes when looking at land.
39:00 - Vacant land right in the middle of your town or city.


2:00 - The ways to buy land.
3:00 - The time to purchase land.
4:15 - Land auctions.
6:50 - IRS and tax liens on land.
8:30 - Getting lists for which property to buy.
10:00 - The process from start to finish.
12:30 - Why you would not want a piece of land after due diligence.
15:00 - The amount of people doing what Mark is doing.
17:00 - How Mark decides where to go.
18:15 - The biggest mistakes that Mark made when buying.

Part 3

3:45 - Cash or terms.
6:40 - The amount of properties mark has on terms now.
8:15 - The best buyer for the land.
9:15 - Where to go if they say no?
12:00 - Fees associated with the purchase.
14:45 - The worst deal Mark ever made.
16:00 - Do people starting out now do as well as Mark?
18:45 - The biggest mistakes that Mark made when selling.
20:00 - Where to go for more info.
23:00 - The money you need to start.


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