Networker (with Emily Merrell)

I always tell people to build your network when you’re not job searching or when you’re not wanting anything, but then you can tap your network when you are. I don’t think a networking experience should be transactional.

They say that with age comes wisdom, and while I’m not sure if that’s true, I have definitely picked up on a few things over the course of my time on this Earth.  One thing I’ve noticed is that many cliché sayings are far more than just cliché.  They are as true as true can get.  They are wisdom in a tiny, bite-sized morsel.  A great example of this is, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.  Every one of us has benefitted in some way from knowing someone at some time in our lives.  Maybe it was as small as getting a discount at a local business.  Maybe it was as large as getting an interview for a job that ended up cascading into your lifelong career.  Maybe it was someone introducing you to the love of your life.  No amount of interview prep or reading ‘Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus’ could get you in front of the right people at the right time.  This begs the question, why do we not focus more time on trying to get out there and meet more people?  Why do we not build our networks to allow more of these wonderful things to happen in our lives?  Today’s guest is a networking natural and decided to start a matchmaking/networking business.  Emily helps people build their networks with like-minded, amazing people that just might be able to help move the needle in their lives.

As you grow up and you [and your friends] move your separate ways, where do you go to find that same resource as friends? I think a lot of people network out of community and the hope of community.
If I meet you and I know I only have like 15 minutes to stay at this event and talk to you, I’ll have them write their e-mail in my phone and write them right then and there and say, ‘Hey, e-mail me back. Met you at the event.’ Then the ball is in their court and they can write you back if they want to.

Interview Contents

4:30 - Emily finding Blake.
6:30 - Emily’s networking disposition.
9:00 - Having a diverse network and bringing them together.
10:45 - The duration of the events.
12:30 - The pros and cons of doing this in New York.
14:40 - Getting older and not getting out there as much.
15:30 - Networking from a non-transactional place.
17:30 - Balancing rest time with networking time.
19:30 - Using networking to build community.
22:00 - Deciding who to pair up with who at Six Degrees Society events.
26:00 - When it doesn’t work, what didn’t work?
31:50 - How long before you know people are clicking?
33:20 - Networking advice. Getting people out of their shell.
39:15 - Having men at some of the events.
43:30 - What not to do at networking events.
46:00 - Making exercise dates with people you are trying to network with.
47:00 - Growing the business.
51:00 - Choosing ambassadors.
56:30 - Story time.
1:01:00 - Advice


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