Veterinary Surgical Oncologist (with Dr. Sarah Boston)

We have clients that ask if they can give blood…they’ll ask if they can donate their liver, their kidney, they would donate organs for their animal [if they could].

Most of us, at some point in our lives, have a pet that is one of our best friends.  I, for one, am a dog person.  I absolutely love it whenever I’m out and about and I get to meet a new dog.  I also own two dogs who, next to my wife, make me laugh and smile and fill me up with good emotions more than anybody else in my life.  They call dogs ‘Man’s best friend’, and to me that sounds about right, but I definitely believe that any pet can fill that best friend role.  It makes sense then that we would treat our pets with the same level of love and care that we treat anyone else when they get sick.  Today’s guest, Dr. Sarah Boston, is one of 50 fellowship trained surgical vet oncologists in the world.  If your dog or cat gets cancer, she is the amazing person you would want to treat them.

One of the myths that’s out there is they’ll say ‘there’s cancer, there’s nothing you can do’, and maybe that was true 30-40 years ago, but there’s so much we can do now.
Dogs don’t really care what they look like after surgery. Even a big surgery that might change their appearance, or even an amputation or something like that, their spirit just keeps them going.

Interview Contents

4:30 - Sarah’s own pets.
6:00 - Why Sarah specialized in oncology.
8:00 - Similarities and differences between human and animal surgeons.
12:15 - The way people view and act around human surgeons vs vets.
15:00 - The unique things people ask their vets for.
17:45 - The treatment options for animals with cancer.
23:00 - How long before a dog rebounds from cancer surgery?
28:00 - Not knowing what info to believe on what will help pets.
29:45 - Complications that come up in surgery.
32:00 - The experience of putting down an animal.
34:00 - The very limited amount of surgical vet oncologists in the world.
36:00 - Working with people when they’re at a low point.


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