Half Hour Intern (with Blake Fletcher)

You’re only gonna have this one amazing journey of your life once. So, if your options are “it was safe, but I had a nice house and a comfortable vehicle, but I felt safe the entire time financially” if that’s one option and the other option is, “well I don’t know what is things are gonna happen financially, but I’m gonna try really hard to do all this super cool shit” that HAS to be your choice.

Well, here we are.  100 episodes in.  I debated for a long time on what topic to tackle for the 100th episode.  Then I remembered, the most common question I get is why/how I started the show.  So here it is.  An interview with me as the subject, questions written in by listeners, hosted by my lovely wife, Asta.  Thank you all for your support.  It means everything to me.

That should be the ultimate purpse of this show, is for anyone to be like, wow dude, you actually opened my eyes up to this other path that is a legitimate thing I could do for a living, that I didn’t even know existed.
By far the most important thing I could do prep wise is just make the person fell comfortable. There is no more important thing to the interview than just making the person feel comfortable ahead of time.

Interview Contents

2:30 - What made you start a podcast?
7:50 - Did you start the podcast as a hobby at first?
9:30 - Blake quitting his job.
11:30 - The risks involved.
13:30 - The most rewarding part about the show.
17:00 - What’s with the title of the show.
19:30 - Prep before the interviews.
24:50 - How often do you want to try the job or hobby the guest is talking about?
26:50 - Which interview is your favorite?
31:00 - Interviews that you want to get or have tried to get, but haven’t been able to.
35:40 - Why did you want to make a newsletter?
37:50 - Editing the episodes.
39:50 - The intro to the show.
43:40 - How are the episodes made?
48:15 - What would you tell your 24 year old self?
53:20 - Where do you see yourself in 3 years.
58:00 - Advice for starting your own business.


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Blake Fletcher

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